Interview With Striker Andrew Bulford

Steve Hopper spoke to Blue Stars Andrew Bulford ahead of Blyth Town and about previous results and any goals Andrew has through the season.

Steve: After defeat to Ponteland Utd how important to you and the team was it to go to Chemfica and put in a performance against Chemfica?

Bully made an honest assesment of the performance against Pontalnd "It wasnt just important as a team, but very important for some individuals as well. A lot of players let themselves down." Bully went on to add "I dont know what it is but for some reason the lads have struggled in front of big crowds when it should be motivating them and them and giving them that extra yard and incentive to perform well."

Steve: The team are building some form having won 3 of the last 4 games going in to the Blyth Game, I asked Bully what was the mood like in the dressing room going into Saturdays game?

Bully: "The moods good, Its a good dressing room. After the changes made at the start of the season things have definitely improved for the better. It's a shame Alnwick didnt fancy playing us before the second lockdown as it broke our momentum we had been building, but we have an opportunity now to get back in the swing of things and the lads are really looking forward to it."

I asked Bully is there any expectations going into the Blyth game as its last home game before the Christmas break?

Bully replied: "We just need to win its as simple as that!" Bully spoke passionately about the Blue Star supporters saying: "A win for the fantastic fans we have and all those doing a fantastic job behind the scenes." The clubs doing a fantastic job and we need to keep our end of the bargain.

I went on to ask Bully how important it was to have fans back in the ground and Bully again spoke highly of the support saying: "Massive! It's the best part of non league football is the interaction with fans. They become mates and support you win, lose or draw. We have unbelievable support, its probably whats keeping me playing to be honest." Bully went on to add that he had played for clubs with great fans but not in the numbers we have here at the Star.

Myself offered on a personal note wanted to to congratulate Bully on his 10 goals so far this season as many at the club would like to do so; I went onto to ask Bully does he set himself goals for throughout the season?

Bully replied: "I've never set targets my whole career, I've always believed what will be will be. However this season I have set myself a target of 20 goals or I would retire." Bully went on to add that he doesn't want to be one of those players who continues to play when they have clearly passed it. "Fitness for me has never been an issue or never will be, but with age the body cant keep up with the demands you put on it and I am not someone who can play half cocked. Its all or nothing with me."

Jokingly Bully added 10 goals in 5 games so far means he is looking good for another season!