Message To All In Regards To Players Subscriptions

We have had a couple of inquiries about whether subs payments should continue with the recent postponement of grassroots football.

The Newcastle Blue Star Football Club committee is currently analyzing this - as you will appreciate this is quite a complicated and unprecedented situation.

The club pays for many things profiled over a year such as league fees and affiliation fees. We don't yet know whether league games will be caught up or cancelled (referee fees) and or league fees will be refunded. The club is tied into certain contracts for pitch bookings which we don't yet know if we still have to pay.

With next months subs due 1st April 2020 we have time to take an appropriate decision when all the facts are known and we have a better idea how long the postponement may last.

Please be assured we are trying to find out as quickly as possible to let you know our decision.


If we need to put subs on hold or reduce subs we will advise you as soon as possible.