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All bookings are subject to confirmation of the committee and deposit received. The committee have the right to refuse any applicants. We currently do not accept 18th birthday parties.

I herby state that I am at least 18 years of age and have read, understand and agree to this Waiver and Liability Release Statement, that is an informed release and that I intend to legally bound by it. 

  1. I can confirm the catering has been sourced from an outside caterer and they have the relevant insurances and policies.

  2. Newcastle Blue Star Football Club are not liable for any issues that relate to the food both on or off the premises. 

  3. Newcastle Blue Star Football Club do not accept any liability for any injuries or loss occurred to all individuals whilst on premises. 

  4. Newcastle Blue Star Football Club have the right to refuse entry or individuals may be asked to leave the premises.

  5. I Agree to be fully responsible for any damages and have insured the liability that may occur on day of night of the event.

By submitting the following form, I acknowledge that I have read the following, understood it and agree to the terms: 


Thank you, we will contact you shortly!

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