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Newcastle Blue Star vs Billingham Town (12/04/2024)

If the rain that we have seen throughout the season had somehow created a football club, there is no doubt it would be top of the Northern League Division Two table. Another week lost to the elements, another week where Newcastle Blue Star were left kicking their heels.

While in a week where the powerbrokers of the league have announced an extension to the season, somehow Blue Star’s own schedule has been shortened as a direct consequence of all the rearrangements.

A season that was meant to finish on April 20th at Thornaby, was then pushed back to a trip to champions-elect Blyth Town on April 29th. Now after the league’s recent announcement, the 29th has become the 27th and Blyth has been switched to back to Thornaby.

Further rearrangements that mean six league games to play and the space of 15 days to complete them. Should there be further postponements, the gaps between one game and another could prove to be even shorter than usual.

Not only is it six in fifteen days but it is four in the space of a week. The stretch from Blyth Town to its new date of April 20th to Thornaby on April 27th is going to be a test for manager Marc Nash and his players. In terms of players, the management team will likely need every one of those registered.

That is a concern for next weekend and beyond, now the concern is the visit of Billingham Town on Friday night and more importantly, the aim to finish the season in second and guarantee at least a home tie in the playoff semi-finals.

Before the weekend’s activities, it is Blue Star who fulfil the remit of best of the rest and they do so with a point advantage of Bedlington Terriers. Not only is it a point in terms of advantage but neither team has games in hand to trade off. Now it will be a sprint to the final day of the season.

A sprint or perhaps a steeplechase when you consider the hurdles connected to the ongoing conditions and the upcoming schedule but with this being one of six remaining in the league, Blue Star will not want to fall at the first on Grand National weekend.

Something which sets up this upcoming clash rather nicely. A warm welcome goes out to the visiting Billingham Town team and support and for those who lend their voice to the home team, make sure to bring the noise throughout.


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