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Washington FC vs Newcastle Blue Star (22/08/2023)

The fixtures are coming thick and fast at the start of this new Northern League season and the same can be said for the victories that Newcastle Blue Star are earning. Six matches to get the campaign underway and a half dozen successive successes to match.

While after Saturday’s win at home to Brandon United, it is fair to say the most recent one has been the most emphatic of the lot – five unanswered goals and perhaps more importantly, a first clean sheet in the record books.

Of course, clean sheets should not define how a season pans out but at the same time, they certainly help and to finally earn a first shutout of the 2023/24 schedule will only give more confidence to Brian Smith’s defensive marshals.

With that being said, there was plenty of confidence on show throughout Saturday and an early goal from Harvey Walsh was one that set the tempo for the 80 odd minutes that subsequently followed.

While the thing that would have been most pleasing to observers, was Blue Star’s refusal to dial things down when edging closer to the final whistle. It would have been easy to put the brakes on when 3-0 up, but they made it look easy on the way to an eventual 5-0 home win.

Another thing that looks pleasing is the league table and although you should not give too much credence to this in the first month or so, the sight of NE15’s finest being second in the standings also offers reason to be cheerful.

Then again, maybe credence does need to be given to the table at this stage. Blue Star have not dropped any points to date, the same can be said for leaders Blyth Town and you get the feeling, neither camp is going to be in the mood for generosity between now and next Spring.

While Blue Star will certainly not be in the mood for generosity when they travel to Washington’s Northern Area Playing Fields. The hosts are yet to earn a first league win for themselves, having drawn just two of their first seven and will be keen to right this particular wrong In just a few hours.

Something which sets up Tuesday’s clash rather nicely indeed. A big thanks to Washington for the upcoming hospitality and for those attending from an away perspective, safe travels both there and back.


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