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Jack Skelton: Blue Star To NUFC Academy

It’s October 2018... Newcastle Blue Star Football Club is reborn and one of its youngest players went by the name of Jack Skelton.

Jack signed for the club at the age of 7, along with five other budding footballers to form the clubs Under 8 Magpies.

Since then, we’ve seen him score goals galore helping the team move very quickly up the divisions and reach the Premier League.

It’s now April 2023 and Jack is about to move onto the next chapter of his footballing journey after signing a contract with Newcastle United Academy.

As his coaches, we would just like to say what an absolute pleasure and privilege it has been to coach him over the past 4/5 years and watch him develop.

He is 100% committed to everything he does in football and that shows when he’s on the pitch, whether it’s training or a competitive match.

All of his hard work and determination has paid off and with the help and support of his parents, Sarah and Garry, we are positive he’ll succeed.

It’s always nice to see your team win games, leagues, tournaments and pick up medals and trophies. That’s because at their age, they love the buzz of winning.

But as coaches, we look back over the past 4/5 years and those wins come second place to seeing any player sign an academy contract with a professional club.

This is the reason why we coach.

The aim is to help young players develop the skills to be able to play at the highest possible level they can, whether that be in grassroots or professionally.

To say we’re all buzzing for Jack is an understatement.

Well done Jack and the best of luck on your journey. You’ll be a big miss.

From the coaches and parents of the Under 12 Magpies and everyone at Newcastle Blue Star Football Club.


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